Why you need the Pipespec team in 2019

Finding the right team to meet your hydraulic pipeline design needs can be tricky. A big plumbing pipework design project requires a lot of time, money and resources. No matter how big or small your hydraulic pipework project, you’re taking a risk when you commit to a timeline. If you’ve made due date promises to your client that you’re hoping to keep, you’re going to need a team of seasoned experts to see your sanitary pipework or water reticulation designs through to completion.

Cue the team at Pipespec!

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Get ahead with your residential pipework in 2019

Property has been in hot demand for years now, and the building industry is doing its best to catch up. Land doesn’t grow on trees though, so architects and city planners are thinking differently about how best to utilise the land at hand. With buildings in New Zealand starting to progress in an upwards direction… Continue Reading

Keeping things cool with the Council

Want to know what our most common client concern has been in our thirty (plus) years as Wellington Master plumbers and pipework designers? Council Regulation drama. New Zealand has some extremely high standards for Wellington pipework design, meaning that you’ll be burdened with a mountain of paperwork denoting confusing rules and regulations that the average… Continue Reading

Wellington Water Reticulation System FAQs

Having the freedom to turn on the tap and receive fresh, clean water is a service that too many of us take for granted. At the twist of our taps, water at a quality that exceeds most bottled H2O tumbles freely forth. Hot or cold, high pressure or barely dripping, the freedom to conjure and… Continue Reading

Turning on the tap: Wellington water reticulation design

Each time you turn on a tap and fill your water glass, you are enjoying the hard work of a skilled Wellington water reticulation designer. Also included as a result of our team’s reticulation designs are efficient conveniences such as stormwater drains, shower heads and washing machine hoses. Each of these wonderful features is brought… Continue Reading

Smooth sailing for your next Wellington pipework project

The most expensive commodity applicable to any project these days is time. Time spent designing, constructing and eventually inspecting (and hopefully passing) your project will cost up to thousands of dollars per minute. Avoiding setbacks is essential to the smooth delivery of any project, and while most might think that the delays occur in the… Continue Reading

New year: new home…new plumbing system?

Will 2018 be the year you finally live your dream of building your first family home in New Zealand? What an exciting chapter in your life! Building a home means tailoring every inch of it to suit your personal preference: if you value a big living room for movie nights, go for it! If you’d… Continue Reading

How to handle the regulation rodeo: Wellington Pipework Design

If there’s one valuable lesson we’ve learned in our 30+ years working in the Wellington plumbing and pipework industry, it is that our clients have nearly always had a really hard time when working their way through the paperwork-heavy labyrinth that is Council Regulations. We’ve learned that navigating these turbulent regulations can be an extreme… Continue Reading

Election promises push housing construction

New Zealand’s housing crisis is the hot topic on the table in this election, only days away. Our home ownership rates have gone from being one of the highest in the world to the worst they have been in over 60 years, and in Auckland, the average house price is almost a million dollars. Should… Continue Reading

PipeSpec: helping you navigate Auckland’s water compliance changes

From 1 July 2017, big changes are happening to Auckland Council’s water and wastewater compliance and connections. Watercare, who deliver water and wastewater services to around 1.4 million people in Auckland, are introducing a raft of compliance changes that will essentially regulate and allow qualified contractors to certify their own work in the water system.… Continue Reading

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