Election promises push housing construction

New Zealand’s housing crisis is the hot topic on the table in this election, only days away. Our home ownership rates have gone from being one of the highest in the world to the worst they have been in over 60 years, and in Auckland, the average house price is almost a million dollars.

Should they become the next government, both major parties have promised huge new building projects to increase the supply of housing. Labour has said it will build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years, with half of these in Auckland. National’s promising 34,000 new homes in Auckland and committing a billion dollars to new housing infrastructure, like roads and water systems.

That’s great news for the construction industry. But it doesn’t come without challenges. The proposed new housing must be affordable; with space at a premium, homes will need to be smaller and well-designed with better functionality. Inner-city living will also need to be redeveloped with higher density solutions.

The housing crisis will drive the construction sector to innovate to meet these new challenges. At PipeSpec, we’re really excited by that­. Sometimes the biggest challenge to a new build or redevelopment can be something that can’t even be seen: the plumbing––and especially when space is limited. But with over 30 years of experience in designing water systems for commercial and residential projects, PipeSpec can design innovative hydraulic plans that suit the space and the infrastructure of any build. And with up-to-date knowledge of council compliance, PipeSpec guarantees a quick turnaround in consent applications so you can get your build underway.

If you want to know more, check out how we can benefit your company with our plumbing design solutions or get in touch with us today.

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