How to handle the regulation rodeo: Wellington Pipework Design

If there’s one valuable lesson we’ve learned in our 30+ years working in the Wellington plumbing and pipework industry, it is that our clients have nearly always had a really hard time when working their way through the paperwork-heavy labyrinth that is Council Regulations. We’ve learned that navigating these turbulent regulations can be an extreme setback for many pipework projects in Wellington, and it’s obvious to us that our skillset, experience, and contacts are the perfect fit and fix for such a situation.

In today’s blog, we’ll prepare you for you next pipework project when you choose to make the most of the team at Pipespec:

What’s the hold up? 

Drainage plans, both commercial and residential, are the reoccurring culprits responsible for prolonging the process of obtaining official consents. Folks need to remember that drains, once installed, can be challenging to dig up and fix. It makes sense that the Council would want to be picky about where your Wellington pipework is placed, and how effectively it has been installed.

Over the years, we’ve found ourselves an extremely useful component in this process. Our up-to-date practical pipework and plumbing knowledge allows us to bridge the gap of confusion between you and your Council.

Save time, money, and a world of stress! 

By leaving the pipework design to the professionals at Pipespec, you’re trading the time you’d spend on endless guessing games for fast, efficient, high-quality work. Why waste time trying to decode thousands of regulations when we know them all like the back of our hand?

It’s all about hiring the right guys for the job, and the team at Pipespec couldn’t be a better fit! Give us a call when you begin your next pipework project and we’ll guide you through the process efficiently from start to finish.

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