New year: new home…new plumbing system?

Will 2018 be the year you finally live your dream of building your first family home in New Zealand? What an exciting chapter in your life! Building a home means tailoring every inch of it to suit your personal preference: if you value a big living room for movie nights, go for it! If you’d like a large outdoor entertainment area fit for fifty friends, why not?

In this exciting step, you’re going to feel both excited and overwhelmed, because boy are there a lot of steps to take before you can turn that key and walk through that door!

There’s a lot involved in building a home from scratch…trust us.

Before you can pull up the Pinterest board of interior design inspiration, there’s a whole lot of technical stuff to sort out when building your first home. While your architect can help you with the ‘bones’ or the structure of your home, you’ll need an entirely different sort of professional to set up the all-important ‘organs’…

Cue the team at Pipespec

For a fantastic, future-proof, safe and sanitary home, you’re going to need a professional team of pipework designers for this task.

With our thirty-plus years of unbeatable experience, and our excellent understanding of strict council regulations, we’ll be able to design a plumbing system for your home that will leave your home’s inspector smiling for ear-to-ear.

We’ve proven our worth time and time again to everyone involved in the house building and designing process, from builders to council admins. We’ve got a great lineup of contacts that will have your job signed of and set quicker than most. Trust us!

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