Why you need the Pipespec team in 2019

Finding the right team to meet your hydraulic pipeline design needs can be tricky. A big plumbing pipework design project requires a lot of time, money and resources. No matter how big or small your hydraulic pipework project, you’re taking a risk when you commit to a timeline. If you’ve made due date promises to your client that you’re hoping to keep, you’re going to need a team of seasoned experts to see your sanitary pipework or water reticulation designs through to completion.

Cue the team at Pipespec!

Years of experience

We’ve been in the plumbing industry for over thirty years, so trust us when we say that we know our way around hydraulic pipeline design! During our years of service, we’ve located a need to serve and help clients in the Wellington region with the evidently confusing labyrinth that is pipework and council regulations.

Something you’ll find in any residential or commercial building project is that your pipework design tends to be the inevitable stick in the mud when it comes to getting everything signed off. For some clients, a building could be completed in less time than it takes to get the council to approve of your darn drainage design!

For such a task as hydraulic pipework planning, we offer you our unbeatable experience. With our help, your project will flow as smoothly as the plumbing we’ll be designing for you!


Save time, money and stress!

You wouldn’t want a nervous or new doctor to perform surgery on your body, right? You’d want a seasoned doctor who’s probably done the procedure before a dozen times – a doctor who’s seen patients at their best and worst and knows how to stay calm under pressure. In the same way, we hope you’ll consider our seasoned pipework ‘surgeons’ at Pipespec for your hydraulic pipework designing project here in Wellington.


Our values 

We value honesty, integrity and respect here at PipeSpec. Our company foundation is based upon these values, and we implement them in each of our projects and in our interactions with each of our clients.

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