Wellington Water Reticulation System FAQs

Having the freedom to turn on the tap and receive fresh, clean water is a service that too many of us take for granted. At the twist of our taps, water at a quality that exceeds most bottled H2O tumbles freely forth. Hot or cold, high pressure or barely dripping, the freedom to conjure and control our water is a miracle made possible by a clever Wellington water reticulation system design.


Water reticulation systems explained

A water reticulation system design is essentially the pipework plan that distributes water through a network of carefully-crafted plumbing systems. Water reticulation systems are the infrastructural layer of pipes and fittings: the gridwork that guides water from its natural source, beneath cities and up through your tap into your glass.


Why do we need water reticulation designs and upgrades?

Just like our cars and cell phones, pipes are in a constant state of evolution. Pipework design is constantly being revisited and refined in order to transport water in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Cheap pipework design materials are always in high demand, and it takes a professional water reticulation designer to offer valuable feedback on the performance and potential of each of these plumbing materials.

As long as talented water reticulation designers like the team at Pipespec are around, our drains will be tried, tested and future-proofed to ensure the best-quality plumbing systems in Wellington are in use!


What elements are taken into consideration during the water reticulation designing process?

Water reticulation design takes a pipe’s material, shape and diameter into account when pipework plans are being conceived. The location of a city’s water source also plays a crucial role in deciding how drains will be designed and mapped: a water source might reside high in the hills behind a dam, or deep under the earth in a well. Additional natural elements such as gravity and soil minerals need to be considered in water reticulation design. Did you know that some soils can be corrosive toward certain drain materials? It’s up to professionals like the team at Pipe spec to decide which drain materials will work best locally for your neighbourhood.


Do you have any additional questions about pipework design or water reticulation design in Wellington? Would you like to book the professional water reticulation designing services of the Pipespec team? Head to our contact page to get in touch today!

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