Turning on the tap: Wellington water reticulation design

Each time you turn on a tap and fill your water glass, you are enjoying the hard work of a skilled Wellington water reticulation designer. Also included as a result of our team’s reticulation designs are efficient conveniences such as stormwater drains, shower heads and washing machine hoses. Each of these wonderful features is brought to you as a result of careful, strategic water reticulation design: the design that sees water sent through pipes and pumps through to its distribution throughout and around your building.


Water Reticulation Desing in Detail

A water reticulation system encapsulates the design and maintenance of water distribution throughout homes, commercial buildings, and throughout subdivisions and cities. In addition to your bathrooms and kitchens, carefully-designed water distribution systems can be found underground in stormwater drains, and pipework access chambers.

Water needs to flow, and it takes a skilled Wellington pipework designer to guide water’s path as efficiently as possible.


Wellington water reticulation

Our city’s water reticulation design is outstandingly engineered, yet often completely taken for granted. Take it from the Wellington pipework experts when we say that it takes a lot of well-earned experience to design a hidden network for clean water throughout a busy, hilly city. So what does that water reticulation system and distribution look like in action?


The life cycle of your water: 

  • Water is collected from the surface of lakes and rivers or the depths of wells and aquifers
  • A Wellington water reticulation system designer will engineer the means by which this water is collected
  • The water will be sent to a treatment plant where it will be purified
  • The water is then distributed through huge pipes into and throughout cities and suburbs (a pipe network designed and maintained by teams like ours at Pipespec)
  • Your local Wellington Plumber will connect your home to this freshwater network
  • Your wastewater will then be filtered out of your home and either treated (in the case of sewerage) or sent back into rivers and oceans (in the case of rainwater)


Where do I find a Wellington water reticulation system designer and pipework installer? 

You’re looking at ’em!

The team at Pipespec Ltd has the skills and experience to help Wellington architects and construction teams by designing complex water reticulation systems for a multitude of purposes. Whether you’re designing as wish new office building or a cosy new subdivision, Pipespc Ltd are more than able to design a water reticulation system that will be effective and efficient for your project!

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