Keeping things cool with the Council

Want to know what our most common client concern has been in our thirty (plus) years as Wellington Master plumbers and pipework designers?

Council Regulation drama.

New Zealand has some extremely high standards for Wellington pipework design, meaning that you’ll be burdened with a mountain of paperwork denoting confusing rules and regulations that the average Joe just can’t keep up with. Comprehending and adhering to these strict regulations can hold up your Wellington pipework installation project for days, weeks and even months!

Before you get going on your next pipework project, be sure to take this advice from our seasoned team of plumbing system designers.  


Starting a plumbing project? Leave it to the experts!

Be they commercial or residential, your drainage plans are going to need to meet some strict regulations. You’ll need our professional help, starting with an inspection of the site, an interview about the project requirements, and a detailed and comprehensive drawing of your pipework design.

Possible risks that we help eliminate in this process are:

  • Money wasting and time (we know exactly what we’re doing and won’t keep you waiting for costly months while we run over your pipework design with the council and get everything signed off).
  • Costly guesswork – we’ll make sure that your plumbing system works and won’t run the risk of needing to be dug up and reinstalled any time soon.
  • The wrong team for the task – our industry connections make us valuable players during your project and, if you like, we can manage the entire task from start to finish with a few of our most trusted pipework installers.

A perfect pipework design starts with the professionals

A pipework project doesn’t have to take years to finish (or years off your life with stress). For an effective plumbing design and installation, you need an effective team. The Pipespec team are up to the task, so get in touch today to talk about your exciting new project and get your council-approval underway sooner than ever!

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