Hiring a pipework designer: the Wellington pipework process

Being a Wellington pipework designer means so much more than just knowing how to sketch up a drainage diagram. When you hire the team at PipeSpec to design your system, you’re benefiting from many years of professional experience: our meticulous attention to detail means your project is going to get the best possible pipework in… Continue Reading

Things That Don’t Belong in Your Wellington Plumbing System

Good drainage is vital to any home or work place building and it needs to be treated properly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions on the subject, leading to poor treatment, followed by poor results in your plumbing and sanitary pipework. Today we’re going to set the record straight, and flush away these drainage… Continue Reading

Flooding: the risk to your local pipework in Wellington

As severe storms soak the Greater Wellington region, our pipework packs the biggest punch. Excessive rainfall – such as the litres pouring from ex-cyclone Debbie recently – can put unnatural pressure on our soil, compromising its ability to absorb water. This, in turn results in the ground (both above and below) becoming utterly saturated and… Continue Reading

Passing a Wellington plumbing inspection

One word comes to mind when we consider any projects requiring Wellington pipework design: inspection. If you need council approval for your Wellington plumbing and pipework, then the team at PipeSpec can make it happen. Whether you need us to draft the designs, install the pipework, or inspect the system…we can help you achieve inspection… Continue Reading

Pipespec: the cure to council compliance in Wellington

When you’re working on a construction design project in Wellington, the last thing you need is a compliance escapade. You’ve got a project to put together, and no time to waste! Unfortunately in the case of most buildings in the capital, it is the Wellington pipework designing that can tend to hold things up for… Continue Reading

What it takes to be the best Wellington pipework designer

What it takes to be the best Wellington pipework designer

“In piping there is a reason for everything” – Michael J. (Mike) Garofalo A pipeworker and writer gives his account of the most important lesson he ever learned in his career life: in pipework there is a reason for everything. The team at Pipespec can certainly appreciate and relate to the strong message in this article,… Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about Sanitary Plumbing

We often hear the term ‘sanitary pipework’ when discussing plumbing pipework design in Wellington. Each building in our city requires sanitary pipework, so for today’s blog we’ll be looking to explore that term in full to improve the quality of your conversations with your Wellington pipework designer. Please note, information in this blog was originally… Continue Reading

Valves for dummies: understanding your Wellington Pipework Project (Part 1)

If you’re discussing pipework design for your up-and-coming Wellington industrial plumbing project, there’s a term that might come up more that once when mulling over plans: valves.  Simply put, valves are devices that direct or regulate water flow at their opening and closing. Valves are possibly the most important aspect of your pipework system! Without… Continue Reading

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