Flooding: the risk to your local pipework in Wellington

As severe storms soak the Greater Wellington region, our pipework packs the biggest punch. Excessive rainfall – such as the litres pouring from ex-cyclone Debbie recently – can put unnatural pressure on our soil, compromising its ability to absorb water. This, in turn results in the ground (both above and below) becoming utterly saturated and – eventually – flooded.

The issue of Wellington flooding only intensifies as areas like the Hutt River become overloaded with water; they burst their banks and flood the surrounding streets. These conditions – in extreme cases – can potentially result in human sewage contaminating our ground through flood waters, which can lead to spread of disease, contamination of drinking water, or overall harm to aquatic life.


Other dangers that happen to pipework during a flood

As rain water builds up on our streets, sometimes it will rise so high and with such force that the water will be able to loosen manhole covers and stormwater grating. In extreme cases, people have seen these huge, heavy hunks of metal go flying as a huge amount of water pressure from stormwater systems in Wellington shoot a pillar of water up onto the street.

When these manhole covers fall, they can cause fatal damage. A burst manhole or Wellington stormwater grate will – in the event of a flood – generally lift off and float through the flood water and down the street. This can be very hazardous to drivers, as it could impact your vehicle with force, or slip under your tire.


In the event of a flood, we do advise against any driving. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s really best to stay off the roads!


The team at PipeSpec can help

We specialise in Wellington sewer and stormwater designs. Whether you’re looking for an expert opinion, a repair to your Wellington stormwater system, or an expert sewer or stormwater design for a brand new neighbourhood – we can help! Contact the team at PipeSpec today to get your stormwater systems set for the next bout of severe weather.

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