Passing a Wellington plumbing inspection

One word comes to mind when we consider any projects requiring Wellington pipework design: inspection.

If you need council approval for your Wellington plumbing and pipework, then the team at PipeSpec can make it happen. Whether you need us to draft the designs, install the pipework, or inspect the system…we can help you achieve inspection perfection!
So what can you do on your end to help your Wellington plumbing system to smoothly pass its inspection? There are quite a few of your own observations that you can make on your project today!

Here are our recommendations:


Look for leaks

Leaks can happen in your pipework’s joints and shutoff valves. Common leak-causing factors include rust and blockages – you might not be able to tell which is which on your end, but you can test for leaks by observing water pressure.

Test: run two taps (faucets) at the same time and observe the flow. Is that pressure sufficient? Is one flowing faster than the other? If you notice any issues with the water flow…you know who to call!


Hot water hunt

Hot water pipework can suffer a myriad of issues…the greatest and most obvious being a lack of hot water in your Wellington building. You should be looking any leaks and loose bolts or screws in and around the hot water division of your pipework. You should also listen for any splashing sounds coming from within the hot water cylinder (a sure sign that the hot water has unwanted residue building up at the bottom of the tank, or that the heating system is on its last legs).


What’s up with the waste?

Wellington plumbing system’s waste lines are a mystery to most, but a strategic plan to the team at PipeSpec. While we know exactly where to look and what to do with your complicated Wellington sewerage system, it’s up to you to listen out for that tell-tale pipework engagement sound of flushing water when you flush a toilet in your building.


If your building project needs a pipework inspection or plumbing inspection in Wellington then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at PlumbSpec – your Wellington pipework design specialists!

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