Valves for dummies: understanding your Wellington Pipework Project (Part 2)

If you read our blog last month, you’ll know that we’re focusing this one on a few more valves you’ll most likely hear about in your industrial plumbing project. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at Butterfly, Check and Relief valves, and where or how exactly they fit into your plumbing design plans.

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is another handy one for flow regulation in your drainage pipework plans, but (unlike its valve cousins) it has very limited control capability. You can control a butterfly valve with a simple rotating handle (90 degrees). While butterfly valves aren’t the popular choice for a positive ‘shut off’ in the design of plumbing systems, they have recently received ‘bubble-tight’ upgrades that ensure a tight shut off.

Check Valves

Otherwise known as the ‘non-return valve’, a check valve will permit the flow of fluid in strictly one direction. Perhaps there is an area of your Wellington pipework design plans that requires backflow prevention? Cue the check valve: its purpose is to prevent unwanted backflow of a liquid. You will hear of or see several types of stoppers in these valves which all serve the same prevention purpose and stop backflow in your Wellington pipework system.

Relief Valves

Relief valves (or safety valves as some plumbing designers call them) are industrial pipework valves installed when a limit needs to be set on the amount of pressure allowed to flow through a system. If your pipework designer needs to cap the pressure flowing through a certain pipe, he or she will use relief valves to accommodate this. Too much pressure can be extremely damaging to a Wellington plumbing system, so these valves are like life savers!

If you’re currently observing your options for a reliable Wellington pipework designer, look no further than Pipespec! Our seasoned understanding of sanitary pipework plans and installations are going to ensure your industrial plumbing job is carried out professionally and efficiently. We’ll use the right valves for the right purposes, so get in touch with the team today!

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