Hiring a pipework designer: the Wellington pipework process

Being a Wellington pipework designer means so much more than just knowing how to sketch up a drainage diagram. When you hire the team at PipeSpec to design your system, you’re benefiting from many years of professional experience: our meticulous attention to detail means your project is going to get the best possible pipework in the Greater Wellington region!

When you’ve got a new project in the pipeline – pun intended – then there is a process that you’ll need to take step-by-step in order to safely set up your building with the perfect pipework system, be it:

  • Sewer Drainage
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Sanitary Plumbing
  • Water Reticulation systems
  • Gas Supply
  • Or Public Drainage.

Do any of these projects sound like the sort of system you’ll be needing? Great, read on!


The Pipe Design Process: Stage 1

To begin your building’s pipework designing journey, start by sending us the plans for your project. Include as much architectural detail as possible so we can offer an equally detailed pipe design solution. Sometimes this step will require us to pay your site a visit, so be sure to stay in contact and have someone on standby to meet us for this visual survey.

During the studying stage, our staff will meticulously study your structural sketches. We’ll offer you a consultation session before eventually cracking on with our own design sketches for your plumbing system. We find it generally saves our clients money if they are provided with the drawn plans to convert to 3D virtual mockups on their own terms, though we are able and willing should you prefer PipeSpec to carry this out using CAD.

Got a tricky engineering question or problem to solve? We provide engineering calculations whenever required. Think of PipeSpec as your Wellington pipework Wikipedia.


Watch this space for the next phase of your Wellington plumbing system project with PipeSpec next month! 

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