How to prevent frozen pipes in preparation for winter

B9316248961Z.1_20150213190250_000_G7E9V157R.1-0Winter is on its frosty way, and Kiwis all over are definitely starting to feel the cold! But did you know that your drains are in fact feeling the cold too. Frozen drains can cause costly issues such as plumbing breaks and flood damage.

Not to worry though, because such issues that can be avoided well before they have a chance to happen with a little drain-smarts and preparation.

Thankfully you don’t need a firm understanding of drainage pipework plans or the design of plumbing systems to prepare your drains for the cold this winter. The following are a few at-home tips you can adopt in order to keep your pipes pumping during the chilly months to come:

Where in the world is your water main?

You might not know where your water main is right at this moment, but you certainly will when you get a burst pipe. Save yourself from finding your water main the hard way and make sure you always have easy access to it should you need to shut off your homes water flow during a plumbing emergency.

The trouble with taps

One of the worst side effects brought upon your drainage by a gnarly frost is waking up to find all your outdoor faucets are frozen! While you can arrange for your Wellington plumbing specialist to install frost-proof taps (or spigots) outside, you can also pop down to your local DIY outlet and pick up a few insulation covers and sleeves to place over the taps and exterior pipes to keep them flowing.

Open your cabinet doors

It’s not unusual for the plumbing running into your kitchen sink on an exterior side of the wall to be extremely vulnerable; it’s usually one of the only uninsulated wall in your home! Open your kitchen cabinet doors along the wall adjacent to your outer pipes to draw heat to the space. If you get desperate, leave an electric heater pumping heat into the sink cabinets to keep that water flowing on those extra-freezing nights!

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