What exactly is a Plumbing Designer?

To start, a plumbing designer and plumber are not one in the same. The responsibility of a plumbing designer is far more technical. The responsibility of the plumbing designer (or pipework designer) is to design and create plumbing and piping systems that work within the particular needs and specifications of a building/construction project.

Plumbing/pipework design is as necessary as architecture or engineering for any building project; designs produced by a plumbing engineer must be sure to comply with the design specifications of the whole building rather than just a segment.

To achieve their designs, plumbing designers will need a working knowledge of mechanical drawings and specifications, as well as a solid understanding of the materials and areas they are working with: pipes, plumbing fixtures, sewer and stormwater systems.

In the case of large commercial buildings, drainage plans are often the most popular cause for delay during the building consent process. A plumbing designer will spend a great deal of time and pays extra attention to detail to achieve speculation perfection in preparing mechanical drawings and specification documents for buildings and structures. Tasks such as this take a professional who is proficient with the various types of drainage design: hydraulic, sanitary, water reticulation and stormwater and sewer plumbing/pipework design.

At PipeSpec, we specialize in understanding the process needed to conduct and assure code compliance with all local and regional regulations. We understand that plumbing plays a key role in the formation of any building, and we endeavour for design (of plumbing systems) to achieve winning compliance over all jobs, great or small.

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