Planning a new neighborhood: pipework design for your urban underground

With the current national housing market boom, it seems that new subdivisions are popping up like daisies all over the show! While the fun of landscaping and building is going on above ground, it is vital to remember the important ‘lifelines’ running beneath the construction sites, bringing fresh water and carrying sewage away: the drainage and pipework design in your subdivision.

So what is the most important and ultimately vital aspect of pipework design will you need to consider when preparing a subdivision in Wellington? It is Pipespec’s specialty: water reticulation design. Let’s take a look at this task in layman’s terms as we take a moment to learn a little more about the ways in which PipeSpec can help you prepare pipework for your subdivision:

Water Reticulation Design

Finding a team experienced in water reticulation design in Wellington can be a challenge, but certainly not for Pipespec! We have years of practiced proficiency in water reticulation design, and we’d be happy to provide this service for your subdivision.

So what is water reticulation design, and where does it factor in your new subdivision?

Every time you turn on your tap, take a shower, rinse the car and water the garden…you are enjoying the aftermath of successful water reticulation design. That water started at a river or lake in your region, and underwent plenty of pumping and purification before it found its way to your street, home, and eventually your tap.

Designing a water reticulation system can be a job spanning entire cities, or it can be as small as a quiet semi-rural street: the scale of this design is limitless, but no less challenging or rewarding. No matter where your subdivision, Pipespec can provide water reticulation design that will see your subdivision’s water distributed and collected strategically and seamlessly to all the right places.

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